This happened about two blocks north of my office yesterday:

Tyler Morning Telegraph – Tyler,TX,USA
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents and Smith County sheriff’s authorities executed a warrant Wednesday, seizing cash, marijuana, liquor and a handgun from the home of an alleged bootlegger.

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The operation was carried out around 10:45 a.m. in the 1200 block of Paul Street by federal agents with sheriff’s SWAT and narcotics officers.

Two of seven people located at the Tyler house were taken into custody, said Lt. Craig Shelton of the Smith County Sheriff’s Office.

Arraignments are pending.

The home has been the subject of a lengthy investigation into illegal drug and alcohol sales, officials said.

"They’ve been bootlegging for a while," Shelton said. "Every time they went over to do buys, they (suspects) had a chain-link fence and there were always a couple of people walking around, keeping an eye on things."

Wednesday’s raid caught everyone off guard, leaving little time for anyone to resist or attempt escape, the officer said.

Investigators recovered roughly two pounds of wholesale cbd oil, marijuana and 37 packs of assorted liquors.

No injuries were reported.

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