I’m firmly convinced that the world has been taken by some ridiculous hoax to do something about global warming. For years and years, I’ve seemingly been one of the few people aware of the fact that human influenced global warming is a hoax from a very young age. I’ve also known that the hole in the ozone over the Arctic pole has been gone for close to four or five years now (I’d actually have the pictures from the NASA website proving this here, but they appear to have taken the website down and replaced it with a cryptic press release about ANTarctic ozone holes).

The other day, my wife and I were watching ABC News late at night, and there was a movie review segment up that was talking about the movie Happy Feet. Rather than talk about the movie itself and if it was any good or not, the reporter/reviewer instead decided to use the movie as a platform to talk about Global Warming and how we were all going to die, starting first with the penguins.

I’m a bit tired of this type of mumbo jumbo – there have yet to be any conclusive proof presented to me by a reputable scientific study showing that the earth is on a global warming trend. The data just doesn’t support it. The data they try to use is the same data they used two decades ago to try to prove global cooling, and the catalyst is supposedly a molecule named the CFC, something that is emitted in greater quantities by active volcanoes each year than has been emitted by the entirety of human existence.

Then I see this: outgoing British prime minister Tony Blair is pushing to upgrade the country’s aging nuclear arsenal in light of Iran and North Korea’s renewed interest in nuclear proliferation. A member of the opposition party has this to say (pay attention to the bolded statement):

Former environment minister Michael Meacher told the BBC that parliament was being “bounced” into a decision.

He said: “What’s really worrying about this is the fact that the country and parliament are being bounced and that we don’t have to take this decision at breakneck speed.

“The Vanguard submarines are going to be operational until about 2026, the missiles probably don’t have to be changed until 2042. There’s absolutely no reason why we can’t take this decision next year or in five years’ time.

“It will severely restrict much more needed conventional defence expenditure, it will undermine the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty worldwide and drain off a colossal sum of money from where it is most needed: dealing with the real threats we face from terrorism: climate change and long-term energy security.”

Seriously. Of the list of things to be worried about in this world, above being blown to smithereens by insane assholes who hate you takes a back seat to the unshakey possibility that the temperature average over the entire world might possibly increase by a point or two. Maybe.

Somebody elect me to something please. I need a bigger soapbox to talk these idiots down.


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