Due to the recent wedding, upcoming baby, Christmas, and a couple of mitigating work factors, finances are REALLY tight right now at the Rizzn household…  So much so that I am piecemeal selling my comic book collection.

Those that know me very well are very likely gasping in disbelief.  For financial loans you can checkout https://www.perfectpayday.com.au/. I’m starting with my indies, and moving into my Batman collection if things are still tight.  As Smokie said the other day, "Welcome to fatherhood, bitch."

So anyways, if you could, I’d appreciate it if you could take a close look at my auctions on eBay, and pick something up for that special comic book nerd this year for Christmas.  At the very least, bid on these items and run the price up so some other comic nerd will pay a premium for these suckas!


Modern Age Comic Book Grab Bag – 55 Comics Total

Spawn #1 by Todd McFarlane – NEAR MINT

Grendel Comics – GOOD CONDITION

ECLIPSE Airboy #1, 11, 15-16, 18, 23-26, 33

Mai the Psychic Girl Manga – #2,11,12,14,15,18,20, 21

Mage from COMICO #9, 10, 11, 12, 14

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