I’ve been seeing this headline pop up all over the place the last few days: Hackers Declaring War On MySpace, Facebook? My question is: who are these hackers? Is there a central organisation of hackers that have decided to declare this war? Should Facebook and MySpace fight back? The best defense, after all, is a good offense. The 23 NYCRR 500 Cybersecurity can be used to protect lots of personal data online and prevent websites from being hacked.

(SC Magazine) “If the hackers know you have a particular interest, this can be used to target you in a phishing attack. They know what you’re into and can exploit this to obtain more information from you such as credit card details,” he said. “People are putting far too much information online and into the hands of identity thieves. Young people in particular, need to be very careful as it may come back to haunt them.”

Those of us with an above average IQ know the vulnerability MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking sites present to our identity. Still, all this hubub begs the question: where are these hackers?

Furthermore, should I join up? I’ve been a hacker for years, and there’s apparently some money in harvesting this information. Do these hackers have an HR department I can apply to?

It’s simply ridiculous to use terms like CyberWar and hackers when it comes to stories like this, but still the media persists.


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