I’ve been toying with Google Analytics today a little bit. Excellent tool. You can drill down onto any specific stat you can imagine with that. Definitely recommended to anyone.

At any rate, the number of pseudo-celebrities who have been ego searching and popping up on Rizzn.com lately are interesting. I’ll list them here and my connection to them.

Robin Kish: did an investigative report on me one time on CBS4 in Miami. It was completely incorrect, and they hacked the crap out of my interview to make me look like a moron. The video is somewhere here on the website. On the upside, she is quite attractive. I still have her business card around here somewhere… every once in a while I come across it and think back to that non-fact-finding, vapid, and attractive blonde reporter from CBS4. (see also: Robin Kish – factchecker extraordinare, CBS4)

Bill Redpath: I quoted a letter from him not long ago. He’s the LP national committee chairman. Several hits with his general locale reporting back on the IP address have shown up lately. Hey guy! What’s up!

Mara Buxbaum: This is Christopher Walken’s publicist. I spoke with her last year regarding the rumors of whether or not Mr. Walken was running for President of the United States in 2008. As it turned out, he wasn’t. Ms. Buxbaum was very cordial and pleasant to deal with over the phone. She’s hit the site a number of times lately in a number of different ways, it appears, in an attempt to see what pagerank sites with her name on it get (many different ways of searching, some with her agency name on it and some without).

Suge Knight: Suge Knight is once again doing ego searches and people on the Death Row record label forums are linking to my website again. I can’t tell you how nervous this makes me. This is all in regards to when I took photographs and video of the man the night he was shot/shot himself accidentally (police investigation inconclusive either way).

That’s it for now. Talk atcha later.


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