The Green Party of Texas issued a press release today:

Here in the holiday season, George W. Bush’s immoral and illegal occupation of Iraq has reached a grim milestone. As of December 31st, 2006, 3000 honorable men and women of our armed forces have died in this reckless and atrocious act of aggression.

Every claim made to justify this war has been a lie:

  • The claims that Iraq was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction
  • The claim that somehow Iraq was a clear and imminent threat to the United States
  • The claim that our purpose in Iraq was to “liberate” the Iraqi people from tyranny
  • The claim that the Hussein regime was in some way connected to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi women, children and men, has cost the lives of 3000 American military men and women, has injured almost 25,000 of our military, has cost this country almost half a trillion dollars, has shattered our foreign relations, and has fostered deep contempt and anger against our country across the globe. Our military presence in Iraq is fueling the civil war growing there and is inflaming sectarian violence. Our outrageous policy of torturing prisoners of war in Iraq constitutes a horrific violation of American values and principles that puts our own military men and women in grave danger of being tortured themselves.

The Green Party of Texas calls on the White House and Congress to immediately withdraw the American military troops from Iraq and fund an internationally-diverse humanitarian and diplomatic mission to that country.

I could pick this press release apart bit by bit, but is it really necessary? I guess that people still spew garbage like this is evidence that it is.

That we are grimacing as a country at the loss of 3000 troups is deplorable, and shows that America is no longer worthy of the mantle of ‘Superpower’ any longer. Compare death rates of Iraq and WWII for evidence.

That the Green Party thinks that throwing more money at this quagmire in the form of diplomacy and humanitarianism is idiotic, as eight years of diplomacy and humanitarianism in the face of terror and anti-Americanism under Clinton showed us that nothing can be achieved by this route.

Say what you want about my party of Libertarians – but hey, at least we’re not Greens!



Fred Drew of the TxSLEC had the following to say on the press release:

I am sad that the Green Party has determined to pursue that tactic as it will alienate about 80% of the families in South Texas, who believe like President Ford, that Bush used the wrong message to justify the war and that Congress supported it wrongly by authorizing it, as required by the War Powers Act.

Most of rural America doesn’t support Bush but believes the troops are doing the right thing because they are the families of the troops and are being told directly from the horse’s mouth that progress is being made with the exception of certain areas in particular, Bagdad.

They are also not the stupid underachievers that they were called by Congressman Rangel.

There is a lot of difference between commencing a war for what appear to be the wrong reasons and then trying to get out later. If you walk away without a clear victory the same folks that heckle a dying man on the gallows will be even more convinced that they can defeat our way of life militarily, not to mention the kind of mid-eastern National Leaders that I watched describe how they would kill all of the western cultures. Remember, Armageddon is a goal to them, not a consequence.

Those, that think they can, will. Look back at the progress of events beginning in 1938. Dejavu

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