I’ll be brief – my step-son’s father is coming in an hour or so to come and pick him up, so I need to head on home. Here’s what you can look forward to in the next few days here at Rizzn.com:

  • Some re-vitalisation over at ModernOpinion.com – I’ve got a few things planned, and hopefully the beginning of some monetization over there. I can’t wait for that thing to start making some money so I can start promoting it! I thank my writers there for being so dedicated in this lean time of slow growth.
  • An interview with Barry Cooper – a fellow has been making headlines lately. He’s an ex-Narc who’s instructing people with a penchant for pot how to not get busted. I sit down with him and talk about what he’s doing get the inside scoop and all that jazz.
  • The next iteration of PoddedMeat – A lot of fans out there are wondering what’s going on with PoddedMeat. I gotta say, we have some exciting things in the works, and pending a few pitch meetings next Thursday, I can start talking about what we have in store.
  • OblongBox – I’m going to do something about OblongBox. The momentum has sort of died around here, and I’ve got a few ideas to pick things back up.
  • UT Tyler – I’m working on creating a news engine for the UT system’s websites. I’ll give the inside scoop on how I’m putting all that together.
  • Optimus Rhyme – I’m finishing up my remix for the new Optimus Rhyme CD. It’s gonna be neat.

Look for information on this stuff in detail tomorrow and next week. For now, gotta jet!


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