The final step is being taken today to begin true monetization of – seperating out each blogger onto their own sub-domain of ModernOpinion. The reason is that for each domain we maintain under the site, we get an additional revenue stream with our paid placements.

With this article, however, I’m going to focus less on the business mechanics of ModOp and focus a bit more on a neat Blogger hack I figured out today.

All of my domains run ASP, so it makes this Blogger hack particularly easy, but in the case you don’t have ASP running on your domain, I’ll show you how to do this without using ASP, in just straight HTML. This hack is for moving your domain or blog without losing visitors, for whatever reason (say you’re moving from BlogSpot or moving from one URL to another).

1. Go into your blogger settings, and click on the “Publishing” sub-tab.
2. Change the Blog URL path ONLY to reflect your new URL where your blog will live after the move.
3. Click on “Archiving” sub-tab.
4. Do the same thing in step 2 to the Archive URL.
5. Click on the “Template” tab.
6. Copy your entire template off to a blank Notepad document.
7. Erase everything in your Template Window.
8. If you have ASP: <blogger><% response.redirect “<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>” %></blogger>
If you have no ASP:
<blogger><meta equiv="Refresh" content="" url="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$">"></blogger>
9. Re-publish your blog completely.
10. Go into your “Publishing” and “Archive” tabs and update the directories and urls and ftp logins to match your new blogging host.
11. Copy your old Template code from that notepad document you made earlier.
12. Paste it back into the Blogger Template area.
13. Re-Publish again.

Voila! You have now made and auto-redirect to your new blog location! Congratulations!

Email me if you find any areas or have any questions regarding all that.


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