Hey folks. It’s my birthday – I’m now 28 years old (feel free to buy me things). I thought I’d post to reflect on the past year and what next year may bring. It has been a year of immense change for me personally and professionally. All in all, it was quite fun.

In January, I was still recovering financially from the move to Texas in my escape from Hurricane Wilma – and very quickly did I do so. I sold off the intellectual property rights to BlipMedia, and picked up a position at 5Tribe, a niche media marketing firm. 5Tribe is an interesting company, and it’s difficult to describe exactly what they do succinctly, but I was contracted to create a custom data acquisition appliance for them as well as a handheld appliance. I completed the former, but the contract was cut short in March before the latter could be completed.

Personally, I was enjoying my local hero status, and enjoying that I was getting to spend time with my friend Darrell, whom I hadn’t had time to hang out with in years. He and I hadn’t started a new project together since the ill-fated Mark and Darrell Show – something we started before my move to Florida. We tried to launch several things together, most meeting with varying degrees of failure. Finally, we hit upon what we thought was a winner – PoddedMeat.

Unfortunately, due to who knows what reason, the gung-ho attitude disappeared somewhere in the middle of launch week, in which he dropped the ball in a manner so as to really mess up things. We ended up delaying launch a week, if memory serves, and Darrell and I parted company. This was probably the low point for me all year – losing my best friend over an argument. For those of you who keep asking, no, we haven’t spoken to each other since then.

I also sold off my first company, BlipMedia, in pieces to various other podcasting companies. With it I paid off some debts and bought a new car. I worked on my first political campaign, and resigned from my first political campaign when the politician I worked for lied to me about the funding (shocking, I know!).

I topped Rizzn.com off at around 1300 posts this year, and my traffic finally died down from the Suge Knight incident. I launched two major blogging networks, and as a whole we produce about a book’s worth of writing material every two weeks.

I met a beautiful girl, married her, then got her pregnant.

All in all, it’s been an interesting year. I hope next year is just as interesting and at least half as successful!


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