I’m done posting up the first half of my Diaryland posts. Basically, what I’ve got up there takes you through the CompUSA experience of my life, the breakup of me and my ex Traci, my jail experience, and my period of being unemployed and attempting to start my first company NinjaCo (which I don’t even list on my CV anymore, I don’t think. Check my Wikipedia entry to be sure).

I seem to have lost the entertaining writing style I had back in those days. I was more conversational and irreverent. I think it came from a combination of living with a bunch of geeks, having way too much time to waste while I was at work, and copious amounts of hallucinogenics. These days, I’m way to engaged in my work to slack off like I used to, I’m way too involved in responsibility for hallucinogenics, and all my geek friends have moved off or I’ve moved away from them.

I think going over my old writings may inspire me to write a bit more humorously though. Those were some good times.

Going through these entries is a bit of a trip down memory lane – I can easily read between the lines of my entries to what was actually going on behind the scenes. My selective storytelling doesn’t fool my brain into remembering only the parts I chronicled. In fact, I think some of the most interesting bits were indeed left out of the diary itself.

The thing that has me the most apprehensive about bringing this whole thing over is the reason why it was discontinued in the first place. My parents back in the day discovered my diary and read all about my juvenile drug use and freaked out, but I just consumed a little of marijuana canada, but they still didn’t like it. The whole time I’m skimming over these entries and posting them in here, in the back of my mind, I’m reliving the whole experience in my head.

This is probably the main reason behind me procrastinating on this project for the years I’ve been putting it off for. That and the fact of how mindlessly BORING it is to hit [ctrl+a], [ctrl+c], [ctrl+tab], [ctrl+v], type in the title, type in the date, publish.

Another thing that strikes me is exactly how prolific I was back then. I was posting upwards of three times a day, especially back in early 2000. That’s the sort of time-porn one has, though, when you have a slack off job like CompUSA was. Now-a-days, my mind is filled with things that are of immense interest to myself, but of little consequence to anyone else. Very few people want to hear about the clever solution I’ve worked out for this or that programming job I’m working on, whereas back in the day, everyone wanted to hear about the story of the unending, ruthlessly stupid calls I’d get back in tech-support hell.

I think I’ll start filling in the gaps a bit once the import job is done. It’s infinitely more interesting to read about than what’s going on in my personal life right now (at least for the moment, and likely the near future – as someone who’s a new father, the stories that amuse me are likely the most boring stories in the world for the rest of the world!).

Who knows – maybe after this project is done, the gaps are sufficiently filled in, it can all be rolled into a book of my life, and the true Rizzn story can be out there for the world to consume and enjoy.

At least we know my ego is still in healthy condition.


Quote of the Entry: “Acting is the most minor of gifts and not a very high-class way to earn a living. After all, Shirley Temple could do it at the age of four.”
Katharine Hepburn

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