Posting to the site will be temporarily suspended. I’m endeavoring to finish the project I began a few years ago, and that is to import all the old diaryland entries back into – i’m about 45% done, but I stopped working on it years ago.

Who knows, if I get this project done, maybe I’ll start finishing all my projects. I still need to finish up my two books I’m working on.


UPDATE: Crap on a crap cracker. I’m 20 minutes in and diaryland goes down in the middle of my acquisition of the posts. Plus, Cammi at UT is playing dumb again, further moving the bar of when I’m going to get paid by the University. Frustrations.

UPDATE 2: I’m going to list some of my favorite posts as I get them up here, so pay attention to this post.

Why Batman Is So Cool – from March 2000: in which I describe why Batman was so cool.
Cause the boys in tha… – from March 2000: in which I express my desire to be a millionaire by 27. I should have been more specific and said acquire and keep a million dollars by the age of 27. Ah well, there’s always 30.
Stick a Fork In Me, I’m Done – from March 2000: in which I detail a number of horrible tech calls.
Females Shouldn’t Read… – from March 2000: in which the quote of the entry is HILARIOUS
Good Fscking Bye – from April 2000: in which I break up with my girlfriend at the time.
BS PhD: Bullshit Piled Head Deep – from April 2000: in which my ex-GF from the time and a friend of mine confront one another on the breakup.
The Story of a Boy and his Burger – from May 2000: in which I write a story about a boy and his burger.

I’m stopping for now at June 2000. I’m about 50% done importing this particular diary. Two more diaries after that.

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