Okay, so I bemoaned my lack of personal entries, echoing the sentiments of some of my friends, so I’ll post a bit more conversationally here from time to time, starting now.

I’m working on a bunch of interesting things, and a bunch of really boring things. The UT Project is one of the more boring things (for me at least). It has the potential to be a bit more interesting down the line. As of the moment, though, it’s mostly just HTML work, which is a bit too tedious to be fun, especially when it’s tailoring other people’s work, and not creating new stuff.

Speaking of HTML work and all that jazz, can I just say that I absolutely hate what Corel has done to Paint Shop Pro? The old PSP used to be fast loading and just as powerful as Photoshop. Now it takes twice as long to load up as Photoshop does, and once again, they’ve moved around all the options and buttons, making it impossible to work with. On the one hand, I’m glad that I never pay for my software (for this reason), but on the other hand, I’m finding that I’m doing most of my quick image editing in MS-Paint. How’s that for sad?

I’m pondering how exactly I’m going to set up my info stations. I’ve decided that I’m horribly behind in reading that which I want to read on a daily basis. I’m not getting any new music, news, or interesting blogs. I’m doing good to read my favorite three webcomics each day, much less try to stay on top of LP going’s on, and my pleathora of news sites and writers that I’ve put together, not to mention world events.

I don’t want a web based portal – I’m thinking more along the lines of designing a hardware apparatus that can update me TV style of all the things I’m into… or at least a series of monitors hooked up to a system I’ve set up to get my daily does of info-smut.

That’s still a cloud of idea in my head, at the moment – not something I’ve conceptualized into a real possibility. I do have a glut of extra computers and monitors laying around – so I suppose I have the raw materials set aside for it. I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike as to how I’m going to make it all come together nicely in an easy info-acquisition format. It has to be not only easily readable, but it needs to not be distracting. For some reason, my mind keeps going back to the image of all those newspapers scrolling across the screen when Neo is being hacked by Trinity in the movie The Matrix.

I’ve always loved that scene.

Ah well. I’ve got a couple templates to update and then I’m home to the wife and son.



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