I cut my thumb and passed out this morning. Its a bit embarrassing, really. I woke up around nine this morning – one of the virtues of having a youngster running around the house – waking up at an hour I’m not used to! At any rate… I blurrily tromped into the kitchen to fix some breakfast after smoking my morning cigarette. Still a tiny bit buzzed off the nicotine, I pulled out some of those breakfast sausage sandwich things. You know what I’m talking about.. the ones with the impossible to open plastic wrappers.

Well, after fumbling with trying to pry it open, I decide to get a knife out and tear the sucker open. I get the first one out with little resistance. Time to get the second one out, and I pick up the knife again, and brace it against my thumb and press down and pull…

Slice! Open comes my thumb. Damn thing was on backwards. I cut fairly deeply into my thumb. So I tromp into the bathroom to do some impromptu first aid on myself. I’m washing a fair amount of blood down the sink when I start getting really lightheaded. I’ve passed out a couple times in my life, mostly due to dehydration or exhaustion – it’s hard to keep this 6’5″ lanky-ass frame properly hydrated and vitaminized.

About the time my wife sees me go to my knees is when she leaps up and runs to assist me.

I remember asking if we had adhesive bandages, I remember going and sitting down on the bed. The next thing I remember is the feeling that, if you’ve passed out before you know all too well, that “I shouldn’t be asleep” feeling and trying to wake up.

Iris pulled me back up to a seated position on the edge of the bed and gave me some juice to drink – I was sweating profusely, and I can only assume she had pulled my pants off, as I was no longer wearing them.

I don’t pass out at the sight of blood, I’ve cut myself before on the same thumb no less fairly deeply, so I can only assume I was dehydrated, and the sudden blood loss caused me to pass out.

That was my morning, how was yours?

My wife watches a lot of those stupid Entertainment Tonight/Access Hollywood style shows, and the talk of tinseltown apparently is that this guy from Gray’s Anatomy called someone else a fag, and now the world is upset as if Kramer called someone the n-word or something.

I don’t even watch Gray’s Anatomy (as I prefer Scrubs), but I really don’t see the big deal here. The guy said, “I didn’t call [whatever the guy’s name is] a faggot” on camera, on the red carpet. He wasn’t saying it in a derogatory manner, he was clearing the air about an allegation that he used the word in the first place. It’s not a word I’d ever use, and it’s not a proper forum to say it, I think, but still… does this fall into the realm of what the world really cares about?

Gay people call each other faggots all the time. My wife calls her friend Brandon a faggot behind his back and to his face all the time; it’s like a big joke or something. He laughs, calls his lesbian roommate a fag, calls himself a fag, and everyone has a chuckle.

Personally I prefer the term fairy. I think it’s a slight bit less uncouth, but I think that’s a personal preference. If there were a minority subculture in America it’s okay to use these so-called derogatory terms on, it’s the gay culture. They’ve used it on themselves more than black folks use nigga or the n-word; there’ve been entire TV shows built around the double entendred use of these words.

Even so, none of this even takes into account: who the hell cares? I mean it’s a couple of squabbling idiots from a bad TV show. I think the proper punishment would be to take the whole show off the air. Maybe put a decent sitcom on instead of reality shows or another horrible hospital drama.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just grouchy because I sliced myself open this morning, but that’s all I have to say about that.


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