I had an interesting idea.

It was spawned by an idiot customer I had yesterday and today by the name of Carol Whisenhunt. First off, I’d like to take this spot I have on the net and turn it into a megaphone. Carol Whisenhunt of Tyler, Texas is a stupid, silly little girl who is lucky she is friends with one of my good friends.

She bought a perfectly good computer from me yesterday – the same type of computer I’ve been selling for months now: a one GHz machine with a few extras thrown in – a free monitor and a free CD-RW. I even spent two hours customizing the machine for them and giving them free phone technical support.

She shows up at my office two hours later than she said she would to drop off the machine for me to re-install the OS on it, and instead demands her money back. I had talked to my friend who had referred her earlier, so I knew this was coming, but I still tried to save the deal. I offered to fix the problem. I offered to switch out the computer with a new one. No dice. Wanted her cash back.

So I gave her the cash back, and I told her to thank our mutual friend, otherwise they’d be out on their ass for coming to me with such a stupid request.

After they left is when I had my idea.

The world needs a Customer Blacklist – a public list we can create and add to people who are basically “problem clients.” Idiots who are always trying to scam small businesses or ask for returns when none are warranted or is always calling support or customer service over stupid things.

Customer Blacklist. Think about it.

Also, Carol Whisenhunt is a big stupid jerkwad.