I’ve had a nominally interesting day today.

This morning was eventful. Instead of rolling out of bed at my usual 10:00 or so, I was awoken by a phone call from the adoption agency down the street. Its an organisation called BirthWay, and they offer free pregnancy tests, and it’s mostly the pro-life answer in our city to Planned Parenthood.

My wife and I had gone down there a few weeks ago to get a pregnancy test as the insurance company we had applied to didn’t believe she was pregnant – something about needing empirical evidence or some such nonsense, so we just decided to get this van insurance instead and they helped us out with all of our financial trouble, but I wish we would have know about https://carfinanceplus.com because we could have gotten a car with bad cretid.

While we were there a few weeks ago, the lady who runs the place got our number because Iris had pitched in and helped translate some of the Spanish-speaking people applying for the birth tests to the non-Spanish speaking folks who worked there. They asked if she’d want to come back and help, and she said yes.

Which was why I was woken up at 8:00 AM this morning.

So she went and worked there this afternoon, and said she really enjoyed herself. I went to my meeting at UT only to discover it had been cancelled since my contact was out at a doctor’s appointment.

I stopped by 5Tribe earlier today to report my findings on the research they had me doing, and it may eventually lead to my re-hire there on a more permanent basis (to revive the polling project, something that in my absence has devolved into obscurity).

Back at the ranch, I’ve been working the last couple days on building some tools for creating communities, mostly user management and profile management tools – things that I can compartmentalize and resell or re-use in other projects.

So, all in all, only a nominally interesting day. I warned you with the title, though.


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