I’ve found a few problems with BlogJet so far.

  • AutoReplace stops working sometimes.
  • Sometimes a post will not post for no discernable reason and must be re-typed.
  • Publishing as a Draft does not work
    • [19:47] rizzn.dourden: there’s a nother bug in blogjet
      [19:47] rizzn.dourden: i told it to publish as draft.
      [19:47] rizzn.dourden: damnit
      [19:47] smokehouse: nobdoy drafts a blog, Jon 😉
      [19:47] smokehouse: <runs>

  • Apparently talking to me is like being involved in Watergate.
  • BlogJet inserts smilies.  I’ve got to turn this feature off.
  • Currently Playing doesn’t work with my version of Windows Media Player.

Let’s hope these get fixed in the next update.


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