Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a Johnny-Come-Lately to the blogosphere, in relative terms (to one such as I, who have been blogging since before there was a blogosphere, or even a blogotrapazoid). Very few people, though, can say they are newer to the blogosphere than Jane Hamsher. She’s the creater of, a blog devoted to the Scooter Libby trial.

The liberal elite are just all a twitter over this trial, while most of the rest of America are ambivalent at best. I, myself, am only slightly interested, having been exposed to the story by NPR, bits of CNN, and now US News and World Report.

The trial is a bore, and as it turns out, it’s strongly looking like Scooter isn’t going to be convicted of anything, and neither is anyone else in the Bush administration – but still that it’s in the headlines at all is doing great things for the anti-Republican, pro-Democrat sentiment, so the media props this story up and keeps it alive for all to see.

What is most interesting to me is the ways they are choosing to do so. It’s like the MSM finally got wind of this whole New Media thing, and now they are in a race to see who can do more New Media-friendly stories. Just the yesterday they launched into this whole spin-off story about how bloggers are being considered real journalists now, and how they are being mistreated by the judicial process (jailed for years without being charged for contempt of court and these sorts of things).

And now US News and World Report is writing about Jane Hamsher like she’s the first blogger to ever recieve press credentials.

Honestly, I don’t mind that stories are written about bloggers – I rather celebrate it. But when quotes like this are published:

“The Hollywood gene kicked in. It’s very Shakespearean. There’s Dick Cheney, the oily villain sitting there with a sneer on his face. There’s Scooter Libby, the loyal soldier. There’s the beautiful spy, her dashing ambassador husband, the journalists. It was such a good story. It did become, for a variety of reasons, the signature story of the blogosphere.”

Quotes like that burn my hide a bit. Just because you are a blogger and you’ve been thrown into the MSM doesn’t make you an expert on New Media. Have a bit of a sense of history, woman! The blogosphere was around much longer than you were, and it’ll be here when you’re done grinding your liberal anti-Bush axe.

How about all the old stories that define the blogosphere?

I’m just saying. Nobody likes a know-it-all.


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