There were a lot of things interesting about this weekend’s news, aside from the endless barrage of Anna Nicole crap, and the Barrack Obama lovefest. I know I’m not the only one who thinks of Alfred E. Neuman every time I see this joker, but to prove it to you, peep this:


At any rate, I was woken up to the news this morning that Jesus’s divinity had been totally debunked by James Cameron. Yes, I repeat, James Cameron.

The upshot is that James Cameron has such a hard-on for the factually inept DaVinci Code that he roped the rubes at the Discovery Channel into giving him some money to dig up some 2000 year old graves in Jerusalem so he could get DNA evidence that Jesus did the nasty with a whore, had some kids, and therefore was not a worthy sacrifice for the sins of all humanity when he died on the cross, so we’re all going to go to hell.

Thanks a lot, Jim.

This sounds like a messed up dream or something, but it’s not.

I won’t go into debunking Jimmy-boy’s idiocy but to say that most of what he said and posited is debunked in your standard book review of the Da Vinci Code.  Check out this link for a good starting point.

Then there were the Oscars. Al Gore won for Best Powerpoint Presentation, a new category I intend to enter next year with my presentation on Rizzn.Com Stats Analysis: A history of a mediocre website.  Move over, Al, I’m gunnin’ for ya!

Then there is this ‘Super-Size Tuesday’ thing, a move to completely eliminate the slim chance that minor candidates have in achieving success on a national presidential bid. This is another step in destroying the process. In America, the idea is that anyone can be an elected official, and the longer we progress with the current establishment doing things like this… the close we become to a class system – where you have to play ball with the corrupt ‘aristocracy’ to get elected.

It hasn’t always been that way. It used to be more of a meritocracy, but it’s not that anymore. If you had the skills in the past, you could get elected. Of course, you had to come from some kind of upper class background to get the skills. Now, everyone has access to get the skills. But they move the bar so that you have to have massive amounts of money and skills.

Ah, well. Plenty of stuff to make my hair go grey lately.  Just throw this up on the pile.  See ya later, folks.


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