A friend of mine has been working on a new socially driven website called Celebitrix. He’s recently reached 300 users, and with a tiny bit of help (and dare I say inspiration) from yours truly, added a video post feature to the website.

Celebitrix.com is adding new and exciting features everyday. Recently we’ve added the ability to post your favorite Youtube or google video snippets.

Celebitrix allows you to ‘Bling-It’, by utilizing your products and conveniently posting them online to be viewed by some of the most interesting people. This specialized service is allowing users to search for bling nation-wide and set their own pricing for ad displays. Bling-It continues to integrate new user-friendly features to create the ultimate ad posting portal online.

Celebitrix is proud to announce the registration of 300 users as of 3/1/2007! We’d like to thank everyone who have registered and appreciate the continued support.


Please login and try our new features today! Click here to login

Check it out.  And be happy I finally posted something NON DIGG related.  Even I’m sick of my Digg ramblings.


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