Annalee Newitz of Wired says: “A sneaky web service offers to get you to the front page of the popular news aggregator for $1 per digg. We’ll see about that.”

More on this later.

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Alright. So by now, my readers know that my idea is an offshoot of the U/S website. So it’s clear, U/S isn’t my site. I think it’s not a very well executed design, and thus very difficult for the users to figure out.

My design won’t win any awards, but it will be usable.

At any rate, as I’m moving more into the final stages of development, I can say that this will have more elements to the functionality than U/S and will also have more safeguards in place to prevent discovery.

But in case you’re asking, there is a concerted effort by Wired in the last few months to disparage Digg and pimp out Reddit. Any regular reader of Wired can tell you that for certain. So shame on them.


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