[15:37] dreamclutch: what about a blimp
[15:37] RznDoUrdn: hah
[15:38] dreamclutch: what if I made a 50 foot blimp
[15:38] dreamclutch: radio controlled…
[15:39] RznDoUrdn: You might run into FAA trouble.
[15:44] dreamclutch: yeah but dude ..it would be halarious
[15:44] dreamclutch: I go to this diner right
[15:44] dreamclutch: know a lot of people there
[15:44] dreamclutch: fly the 50 foot blimp above the diner and route 309
[15:44] dreamclutch: with celebitrix.com lit up on the sides
[15:45] dreamclutch: and radio control it …
[15:45] dreamclutch: then for a finale, ..launch fireworks which are located on the underbelly of thee blimp
[15:45] dreamclutch: what do you think
[15:45] RznDoUrdn: LOL
[15:45] RznDoUrdn: make it a hydrogen blimp
[15:45] RznDoUrdn: then you have a deal
[15:45] RznDoUrdn: hehe
[15:46] RznDoUrdn: you can change your company slogan to ‘blow up like a celebrity’
[15:46] RznDoUrdn: Your company mascot can be Richard Pryor

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