[16:10] rizzn.dourden: wow.
[16:10] rizzn.dourden: guess what causes global warming?
[16:10] rizzn.dourden: this will blow your mind.
[16:10] smokehouse: Howard dean?
[16:10] rizzn.dourden: hint: not howard dean.
[16:11] smokehouse: Helen Thomas?
[16:11] rizzn.dourden: Close, but no.
[16:11] rizzn.dourden: slightly older.
[16:11] rizzn.dourden: and emits more radiation.
[16:11] smokehouse: Oh. the sun.

Update (3/13/2007:3:42PM): Movie found on YouTube, now.

Update (6:14 PM): Frank Gonzalez unbelievably agrees with me, for once.

I prejudged this production as some sloppy hit piece slapped together by right-wing spin doctors. Even though it took a while, it really broke this issue wide open.
Whether you are an environmentalist or one of their worst critics, you might agree with me that this is one hell of an impressive documentary filled with tons of information rather than fluff–Deconstructing Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”, one of the cofounders of Greenpeace, international scientists, scientific explanations, the politics of environment and how some are being suckered…wow!
I STRONGLY encourage feedback.

Wonders never cease!

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