There’s just a ton of stuff I want to talk about and do with the blog lately and just don’t have the time resources to do it.

  • Spotplex looks cool, but I can’t get them to issue me my code for my blog widget.
  • P2P banking is here, and I want to talk about that a bit – bringing power away from the banks and back to the people.
  • Google getting hit for a billion – that’s big stuff. I talked to Joel this afternoon who amazingly hadn’t heard yet, so no insider information on how they’re handling it (not that I’d be able it to post to the blog anyways!).
  • RAMP is shaping up nicely, I want to get new screenshots out there.
  • I’m getting some great advice from my friends re: my stepson situation.
  • redesign: all my sites need them.

Lots of things. Probably Thursday before I can talk though.


Update (5:32 PM): I’m on the warpath! 602 lines of code written on a contract job today! In less than two hours!. I’m the MASTER CODER!

Sorry. Just hadda brag a bit.

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