I just wanted to take a second and thank all of you for the loads of letters and IMs I’ve recieved in response to my post about AJ’s father, Al. I appreciate it, and your words were very encouraging.

The comments ranged from the Star Wars-esque (“Your the true father, Mark, only you!”), to the common sense (“Love AJ the best way you can. Your love will carry more weight in the long run than the confusion of the moment.”). All of it was much needed, and I’m glad I can count on my friends and family being there with sage advice when I require it.

I am re-focused, and will be able to deal with Al in a calm and rational manner as well as dealing with my step-son in a way that does not indicate the conflict that Iris and I are experiencing with his father. Most of you said the same thing (and I think you are unfortunately correct): there’s not much I or Iris can do that will change Al’s behavior towards his son, and us attempting to correct him or educate him on what he’s doing will only exacerbate things.

As for what AJ has decided to call me, he is back to calling me ‘Dad’ now, and seems to have forgotten or at least set aside what Al said to him.

Talk to ya later folks. Got another gazillion lines of code to write today.


PS: Special thanks to Val and Jeff.

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