I don’t have a whole bunch of time right now – I’m late for a meeting at 3Degree. I have four things though:

1) Is there a successful/well-known/highly trafficked political podcast network out there?

2) My RizWords podcast is officially launched. See the widget over there on the right. If you want to participate live in the next podcast, come back to this page around 3:00 CST and click on the join live link… you’ll create a TalkShoe account, and get to call in on the show.

3) Out in Right Field will be launching shortly.

4) I forget number four. Damnit. I’ve got to go. Really.



Quote of the Entry:
“There’s the doing of the thing, and then there’s the Art Factor. The Art Factor comes into play when your heart and soul get connected to it, when you are able to crawl inside the thing and live in it and breathe it. If you can do that, you can pick up the art factor. Then you can master it.”
– Perry Marshall

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