My wife has talked me down from writing another nasty letter to my step-son’s father. Al obviously had another sit down brainwash session with AJ this weekend (which is really quite industrious of the jerk-wad, since his son was only with him for a few hours).

AJ stated rather matter-of-factly a few moments ago that “Mark isn’t my family.”

Iris talked AJ through the process of understanding how I in fact was his family, but all I could do was angrily type a legally threatening cease and desist letter.

Given the fact that an angry argument between Al and my wife that would upset her late in her pregnancy is a bad thing, I decided to save it to my draft folder instead of sending it.

The man is either a complete moron or an insensitive jerk. Neither of these things are a positive influence on AJ, not to mention them being disruptive events for my family. Its irritating, and save for the delicate situation we’re in right now what with the pregnancy, they would be actionable.

Instead, I’m pontificating into the ether about it, hoping to blow off some steam. I feel a bit better about it, knowing that the world reading my blog knows what a jerk Alvin Lloyd Lynch, Sr. is.


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