I’ve had an interesting few days jumping back into the world of Podcasting. It seems a lot of the folks I deal with regularly are on the same track, as several good friends of mine are talking about returning to Podcasting… I suppose everyone is over their broadcast burnout. I know I am, I’m rather enjoying the daily outlet of just spewing a bunch of info into the airwaves and having some of it bounce back at me.

Art and I are still slapping together the necessary pieces to bring back Out in Right Field (I think he just got the domain for it a couple days ago). Additionally, my wife seems interested in getting in on the action, and she’s convinced her friends that it would be fun, too. I need some help coming up with a name for her show. It’s going to be her and her three friends (Kristi, Renee, and Diamond). Trust me, they’re quite entertaining once they get together and start chattering together.

Last night, I took my wife and son out to see The Last Mimzy. It’s a very difficult show to review because of my mixed feelings on it. I’ll probably post something here later today if I don’t get a chance to review it on the podcast later today.

Bottom line, though, is that I think it would have been a heck of a lot better movie if they had simply left out the word ‘pollution.’ It just reduced the whole film back down to a message movie, instead of leaving it in the elevated space of quantum mechanics, nanotechnology, science fiction, philosophy and fantasy that the whole movie seemed to dwell on.

I’ve got a busy day planned for today, and tomorrow will be even busier – I need to take my wife to the doctor for one of her final three visits before baby Jacob gets here. I might possibly have some more sonograms to post here tomorrow, so yeah, everyone can look forward to that! 🙂


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