I’m pimping two (count’em) two things!

One is my podcast!
Basically, if you like tech, you like news, and you like it to be amusing, then you need to subscribe to the podcast. Not only do I go over the news EVERY DAY LIVE at 2:30 PM EST, but I accept live call-ins! It’s only a half-hour, so it doesn’t eat up your life or anything! Art Lindsey usually joins me.

If you know how podcasts operate, subscribe from the RSS icon. If you don’t, click here and figure it out!

Two is my discussion group.
It’s free and fun and its been a long time since we’ve had new blood. Basically, it was started by a bunch of RantRadio refugees (and some others) that decided to make some blogs and talk politics and tech. We’ve gotten bored with each other, so now we’re trying to get more people in on the fun.
Below is the form to subscribe to the super-secret rizzinite mailing list. It’s mostly my friends making fun of me all the time, but heck, the more the merrier, right?

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