This from Wired:

Why is Best Buy opening new outlets like a meth dealer in Sleepytown, while struggling Circuit City is closing stores and resorting to Catbert personnel strategies?Circuit_city_logo_high_aug23_2005

The Associated Press took a look and decided it has a lot to do with–hold on to your support hose–customer service!

Former customers ding Circuit City for having confusing store layouts, scattershot inventory and sales associates whose job duties seem to consist of hiding from customers and suggesting you ask somebody else about that particular item.

One telling detail: At a particular Circuit City store tested for the story, the only media player that could actually be tested and listened to was a Zune.

I know for sure this is true. I was looking around recently for the old Microsoft Watch. I went into a Circuit City looking, and they suggested I check a cereal box for a secret decoder watch with the Flintstones on it. I’m not even joking!


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