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Today’s show was highly political. Art and I were slogged down in the quagmire of an Iraqi debate, which ended up taking most of the show. Regardless, still an interesting listen, and informative as always.

The show!: This from TheNoseOnYourFace:

nancynegotiator.JPGNot content to rest after her star-turn as American diplomat extraordinaire, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi returned from Syria and announced that she will immediately begin negotiations that will end the decades-old feud between Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.

“I don’t understand what all the fuss is about,” said Pelosi. “People said peace would never come to the Mideast, and now, after three days of the Pelosi magic, the Israelis and Syrians are practically spooning each other. So imagine what I can do for a couple of angry cartoon characters.”

Pelosi said she has already engaged in preliminary talks with both parties.

“Mr. Runner told me that he was ready to talk peace with Mr. Coyote, unconditionally,” said the House Speaker. “Well, there might have been some conditions, but who really cares? As I learned in the Mideast, details are the problem. Everybody wants to bicker about history, when what you really need is some good, old-fashioned cultural groveling.”

Fighting the jihad. The battle in Iraq is the central front on the war on Islamic terror. This from Regime of terror here.

Secular Baathist/Islamic extremist divide overcome repeatedly in Iraq

For a regime long said to be sharply opposed to radical Islamic groups the secular Baath Party that formerly ruled Iraq has seen a conspicuously large number of its members caught in close collaboration with al Qaeda and other Islamic groups in post-invasion Iraq.

A recent arrest in Mosul identified a former Saddam Fedayeen leader as an insurgent leader responsible for al Qaeda/foreign fighter camps in Syria.

On March 23, the Tactical Report, an online Middle East intelligence service, reported that a former Saddam Hussein officer was appointed as an al Qaeda leader to set up attacks on Iraqi oil sites.

In addition to these “new converts” a number of older stories on the same topic were passed along to www.regimeofterror.com.

One story, from the Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat translated by a reader at Powerlineblog notes that one of the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s top men, Omar Hadid, was a former personal body guard of Saddam Hussein and had trained with al Qaeda in Afghanistan before fighting against coalition forces in Fallujah and elsewhere. Hadid, according to an al Qaeda biography after his death, also had a relative who was an official for Iraq’s Intelligence Services and worked with Hadid on postwar operations. It should also be noted that, according to Knight-Ridder news services, Hadid’s background included outright conflicts with Saddam Hussein’s regime though he testified to the country’s move away from secular restraints after the first Gulf War.

As previously detailed in a piece at The American Thinker by Ray Robison, the fighting in Fallujah a number of years back also saw the teaming up of many members of Saddam Hussein’s former Republican Guard and foreign and domestic jihadist fighters.

UPDATE: Excellent piece from Ray Robinson over at American Thinker hat tip Rocket’s Brain


On the Rush Limbaugh radio program, VP Cheney restated his position that Saddam had ties to al Qaeda. The Vice President is completely correct. Specifically, he spoke of Abu Mus’ab al Zarqawi’s presence in Iraq before the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As much as a year earlier, al Qaeda affiliated jihadists lead by Zarqawi began aggressive attacks on the Kurdish regions in the north of Iraq. Why would this committed jihadist leader bring his fighters to Iraq to attack Saddam’s enemies?

While researching for our new eBook Both In One Trench we realized that there seems to be a confluence of prominent terrorists emanating from Kuwait after it was occupied by Saddam’s armies. Many of these men are of Palestinian ethnicity. The Palestinians living in Kuwait had favored Saddam because he was a prominent proponent of the Palestinian cause. Their allegiance to Saddam was so thorough that the Kuwaiti government kicked out its Palestinian population after liberation because they collaborated with Saddam. Saddam’s support of Palestinian terrorism is incontrovertible.