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What is plagiarism, and furthermore, is there any more proof needed on exactly how vapid Katie Couric is?

If Plagiarism Is Presenting Someone Else’s Work As Your Own… What Did Katie Couric Do?
There have been a number of interesting discussions from people rethinking the concept of plagiarism lately. From famous authors like Malcolm Gladwell to Jonathan Lethem, some folks are realizing that the line between plagiarism and inspiration isn’t as clear cut as some would like it to be. While some claim it’s just the younger generation that has a hard time understanding the difference, it clearly shifts over into the business world as well. This week, there’s been some buzz over CBS News having to fire a producer who “borrowed extensively” from a Wall Street Journal column in writing up a “commentary” for newscaster Katie Couric. However, this has a few people scratching their heads — as they realize the general definition of what plagiarism is (presenting the works of others as your own) actually applies equally to Katie Couric having some staffer write up her personal commentary (including supposed nostalgia over getting a library card). Yet, somehow having someone else write up your personal opinion and commentary is fine — unless that commentary actually comes from someone else. And we wonder why many students today don’t see plagiarism as being that bad. It’s because they see the same thing done every day by adults who don’t see it as being wrong at all.

Vonage and VoIP could be gone soon:

Vonage: No tech ‘workaround’

NEW YORK — Vonage has finally confirmed what many had feared: The embattled Internet phone company has no “workaround” in hand to sidestep Verizon’s patented Internet phone technology.

Moreover, Vonage (VG) isn’t sure that such a plan is even “feasible,” given the expansiveness of Verizon’s (VZ) patents, which set out methods for passing calls between the Web and conventional phone networks. Vonage’s chilly assessment, contained in a filing submitted to a federal court Friday, marks the first time it has admitted that it doesn’t have a plan for getting around Verizon’s technology. Vonage couldn’t be reached for comment.

A federal court recently ruled that Vonage had infringed on Verizon’s patented technology. As punishment, Vonage was barred from using the disputed technology to support new customers. Existing customers are not affected.

The company immediately requested — and received — an emergency stay. Meanwhile, Vonage told investors and customers not to worry because a “workaround” was in development.

In its Friday filing, Vonage, which is now trying to get a permanent stay, painted a far different picture.

Huge big very large news regarding Google:


Congrats to the NYTimes for scooping the story that Google is proceeding with its rumored acquisition of ad network DoubleClick. The price was $3.1 billion, making this by far Google’s biggest acquisition to date – the YouTube buy looks small by comparison. Also note that this was in cash, while the YouTube deal was stock. It’s a major, major loss for Microsoft, which is now going to fall even further behind in the ad game at a time when software and “old media” content is moving online in ad-supported form.

DoubleClick generated about $300 million in revenue last year, but the combined force of these two ad providers could be much more powerful. Call me a Google fanboy if you like, but Microlost’s growth will no doubt turn into an implosion as its online mistakes stack up.

We’re trying to find out if there’s anything to this story

This is Mike the host of RED BAR RADIO.com. I was recently ARRESTED for comments I made on my show. My court date is next week, right in the midst of the Don Imus “scandal.”

I’m going to be calling into FREE TALK LIVE tonight to talk about why I was arrested, and the attack on “hot” talk radio in general.

If there was ever an issue to stand behind, this has to be one of the more important ones.

The cable new outlets are depicting our types of shows as “hate radio,” trying to convince the general public that what we are doing IS wrong. Stirring up commotion, scaring away advertisers, and trying to demolish people’s careers – while also making a cultural change on what people feel is indecent.



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Get ready to cancel your cable subscription!:

CBS Shows Coming to MSN, Joost and Others

CBS added new deals for its shows with J
oost, Microsoft’s MSN and AOL–s
ome of which will offer the content for free. CBS Corp.

With friends like her, who needs enemies?:

RIAA shill’s greatest hits
Cory Doctorow: With the news that Jenni Engebretsen, the RIAA’s Director of Communications, has been put in charge of PR for the Democratic National Convention, I thought I’d round up some of her greatest hits, culled from her adventures in PR while helping pilot the RIAA into its coveted slot as the most hated company in America:

With expert PR like this, a Democratic victory must be assured, right?


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