Well, I’ve just crested 1600 blog posts on Rizzn.com. That’s fairly amazing. I’m a wordy fellow, apparently.

I’m really pushing podcasting to the limit this week. I’m experimenting in monetization, networking, and publicity. So far, the experiment is proving a success. The growth in listenership for the podcast is either growing by 300% or 83% a week, depending on how you crunch the numbers. Regardless of which set of numbers you look at, it’s a definite positive growth curve, and by current calculations, could be my sole source of income by the end of July if current trends continue.

This would be fine by me. I enjoy the heck out of this, and the current technology set-up we’re using is completely unobtrusive in terms of my user experience.

As soon as this experiment is complete, I intend to publish either an eBook or a real book on how to do this yourself. I’m really not doing anything that you probably couldn’t figure out yourself, but I have done what can only be described as an obsessive amount of research over the last few weeks.

Just to sort of hint at what I’m talking about in terms of strategies, there are tips and tricks on how to get noticed in the podcasting world, which is important when it comes to making dollars for downloads. The only way to really make money on your podcast is to have tons and tons of ears listening to what you have to say. Of course, you need to be creating quality content, and be creating it on a regular basis – but there are ways to sort of game the system when it comes to rising up above the ‘noise floor’ of what are basically run-of-the-mill podcasts out there. Becoming more than the white noise is where the money is, and if my methods work, I plan to capitalize on it in terms of creating a stable of good shows as well as sharing that information with the public.

Speaking of strategies on getting ears to listen, one of the experiments I’m going to try is getting Rizzn.com to autoplay the latest podcast every time someone hits a page. In terms of regular readers of the site, most of my most dedicated readers come in through the email discussion list. There are a few dedicated readers that come in through the website and several more that come in through the RSS feed. The vast majority of my traffic comes in through random search engine queries, though.

These visitors tend to come on in and stick around for about three minutes, and maybe click on one or two links.

These people, at least for the next couple weeks, will also be forced to listen to my podcast, when I get the autoplay widget loaded on the sidebar.

If you’re a regular reader of Rizzn.com, and you don’t want to be subjected to this, you need to join the mailing list or subscribe via RSS so you won’t be forced to listen to my quality daily podcast. 🙂

So if you’re a regular reader of Rizzn.com, and you can’t (or won’t) subscribe to the list or the feed, and the autoplay thing still bugs the crap out of you, let me know. If I get enough reasonable complaints, I’ll change it.


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