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My arch-nemesis Adam Curry parts company with Sirius:

Podshow and Sirius Part:

I’m surprised this hasn’t made Techmeme yet.

Podshow and Sirius have parted ways. Here are some thoughts on the divorce from P Dub and Chris. Let’s not forget American Cliche or Tartan Stories.

We’ll never know the numbers but I’d bet good cash that Podshow on Sirius sold more satellite radios to Podcasters than Sirius knows. People always support what they help create and now that “us Podcasters” are no longer part of the ever-less-important satellite radio scene, I see their numbers further flushing down the toilet.

Of what I read on this topic so far, nobody has suggested that this is because the value of the Podshow content wasn’t “worth it” for Sirius. I’m sure the token PodshowSucksAndAlwaysWill.com crowd will claim it was because Sirius staff wasn’t willing to sacrifice their first born to the altar of CurryBloom, but it sounds like the conversation is heading in the right direction.

There is value in the content. Podshow is showing us that.

There is also great value on the channel – and that channel is watching satellite radio, web radio, and all of her other “competitors” crumbling away.

The future of media, simply, is on demand and anyone who doesn’t provide that opportunity is as vital to our future as is black and white television.

Apple announced 10.5 million plus iPods sold last quarter and I just can’t believe that they were all purchased to listen to more Shakira.

I see blue skies ahead.

The most poignant comment on the blog post was this one, however:

Dana Gardner said.

This is actually quite a nice opportunity now for podcasters to go directly to any of the satellite media providers and make their own deals. What has not changed is the desire of media distributors like Sirius to get good content cheap. Podshow may have failed at proving sufficient value, but the people making the good content should now go direct. Or they should bulk up common content themselves and take a whole channel to Sirius, et al. Or they should create rich media casts and take it to satellite TV providers as a “social media” video channel. This cancellation simply shows the Podshow packaging model is a flop. The model for oher individual shows or aggregated channels to take their content where it is in demand remains undefined and unfulfilled.

In government censorship news:

Iran to Filter ‘Immoral’ Mobile Messages
b.cancer noted an article running on eweek about plans in Iran to censor phone messages sent within the country. At least it’s not quite that bad here yet. But give it a few years!

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Is it too little too late to save streaming radio? We discussed this story and get to the bottom of it:

A Virtual Ad Agency for Online Radio (Elizabeth Olson/New York Times)
AS more people listen to the radio over the Internet, radio stations have been looking to generate new advertising revenue from the medium. A start-up company, TargetSpot, is trying to turn this nascent field into a viable business, and CBS Radio is its first customer.

Who’s legs are these? Click here! Wanna play Texas Hold’em? Click here!

Free Songs With Built In Ads Is Not The Answer
An idea that’s been discussed for years and apparently is now a hot one for various startups is to try to create a legitimate file sharing system, where before you can listen to the music, you have to first pay attention to an advertisement. It’s simple for recording industry execs to understand, so they like it — but they seem to be missing the key point: it’s not what music listeners want. Just look at how many people were willing to jump to satellite radio claiming the lack of ads on many satellite music stations was a key driver. Also, these file sharing systems need to recognize that they’re still competing with the ad-free versions (also known as unauthorized file sharing programs). The trick to making money in these spaces isn’t to saddle the content with some annoyance no one wants — but to make it more valuable in a way that people are willing to pay.

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