A couple bits of interesting information.

I finished an interview with Bill Grady of You Are The Guest Podcast. It was a delightful experience, and I recommend it to anyone. We talked about the state of New Media, what it’s future may hold, and discussed several of the top presidential candidates and how technically savvy their campaigns were. The show should probably air Sunday or Monday, depending on editing time.

Bill also agreed to join the show Monday morning, to guest co-host with me during Art’s medical leave. Definitely not something you want to miss.

My wife went to the doctor this afternoon for another of her pre-natal visits. They estimate the baby could be up to nine pounds now, and that she gained another six pounds over the previous week. Buying newborn boy clothes is going to be challenging now. She is under very strict orders not to do any heavy lifting – something that will be quite hard for her to refrain from – but baby Jacob’s health is in dire jeopardy if she ignores the doctor’s order (again, according to the doctor), so I assume she’ll be abiding by that.

I really am expecting this to happen any day now.

In other news, my new apartment is secured, so I don’t have to worry about Powell Properties Tyler‘s idiocy anymore.

I have a super secret copy of the legal response that Google filed to Viacom. Pending a small investigation as to whether I can legally post it, I’ll have it up on the site. Look forward to that.

Until then, deuce!


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