So I was looking around for some things to get my friends new dog. I found this place called Bling Bling Puppy. It has everything any one has ever thought about getting their dog. From crystal dog collars to designer dog beds. I am astonished at all of this. They can even have the bed made to match the room that it is going to be in. That is just wacky right their, but again it is a good idea to get. I think I am going to go with their bed room since that is where the dog sleeps. Or well it naps a lot in the living room. I think that will be a better choice.

This place has everything you can think of for your pet. From accessories to advice on how to take care of your little critter and what is good and what isn’t. Now if only I can find the dogs name on this long ass list. I think I might be sitting here for a hour or two just looking for the name. They need a name search on here.

[This post contains a paid placement.]

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