Hey – check it out. Ron Paul is one of the most searched things on Technorati – this is a great sign for us Libertarians.

Top Searches

  1. WTF: youtube youtube
  2. WTF: sarkozy sarkozy
  3. WTF: galilea montijo galilea montijo
  4. WTF: myspace myspace
  5. WTF: ron paul ron paul
  6. WTF: paris hilton paris hilton
  7. WTF: joost joost
  8. WTF: mario lopez mario lopez
  9. WTF: authority authority
  10. WTF: shoppero shoppero

Update: even better, check out this search trend graph.
Posts that contain "ron Paul" per day for the last 30 days.
Technorati Chart
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