For the backstory, go check out Powell Properties Tyler.

Bert Powell has rejected the final offer of resolution with the Better Business Bureau (that link takes you to the official BBB complaint record). Essentially, he has now charged me with additional rent that theoretically should have been paid for already. When I signed up for an apartment with him, I paid first month, last month and security deposit (coming to the amount of $1700, if memory serves). He’s now attempting to hit me up with an additional $450 or so, which is his version of the pro-rated amount for the last month’s rent.

I contacted him via telephone last night and confronted him directly on that issue. He began to waffle and started to bring up other issues.

“Bert,” I said, “Shut up and tell me: what does the term ‘last month’s rent’ mean to you?”

“It means your credit wasn’t good enough and we charged you more money to move in,” he replied.

“Wrong, Bert. Last month’s rent means the last month you live in an apartment’s rent is taken care of,” I corrected.

“You’re still going to be out of there by the 25th,” he attempted to protest.

“I’m not arguing that with you right now, dummy. I am not paying you twice for the last months rent, and I have records that prove that I paid,” I said.

“Well, I’ll check my records then, and if you don’t owe, you don’t owe it,” he said.

“Not only that, but you’ll sign and have notarized something stating that. I’m not going to have you further depreciate my credit with your specious claims.”

He agreed and hung up. I get the feeling I’m starting to wear him down.

Then I got in this morning and saw the BBB complaint ‘resolution.’ I am now contacting the local media. KLTV has this thing called ‘7 on your side.’ It’s basically the consumer protection reports they do. I’m hoping that they take the story and go to bat for me. All I’m asking for, as stated in my BBB complaint is:

1) Written and hand delivered apology to my wife.
2) Grace period on moving due to we’re having a baby.
3) Guaranteed return of my security deposit.

It’s not a lot I’m asking for. Just what’s fair. Still, he refuses.

All of this over a campaign sign. What a nutjob he is.


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