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Art Lindsey, still heavily medicated yet still forging forward, returns as co-host in this One-Hour Special before the possible one week hiatus.

We get the show kicked off with Vonage Crap coverage:

Vonage gets a marketing chief
We ordinarily wouldn’t make much about a service provider’s new chief marketing officer, except the service provider in question is Vonage, which needs new marketing ideas in the same way that a wildfire needs water. Jamie Haenggi joined Vonage in November from ADT, the alarm company. There she was head of marketing and started at Vonage as something called “vice president of company life.” In her new job, she’ll be in charge of marketing, retail sales, and corporate communications.

For more information about Vonage’s new CMO:
– read this article from TMCNet

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In more yahoo deadpool news:

Yahoo Shutting Down Auctions – Second Service To DeadPool This Month
Reuters is reporting that Yahoo Auctions will shut down in the U.S. and Canada as of June 16, and new auctions will not be accepted after June 3. Auction sites in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan will stay live.

This is the second service closing announced this month for Yahoo – last week it was confirmed that Yahoo Photos was closing as well.

In the case of Yahoo Photos, users will be directed to Yahoo-owned Flickr as well as other third party services. The closure removed a product conflict and helps focus the company. Auctions is closing for a different reason – it just cannot get traction v. eBay and other competitors. It also shows Yahoo’s commitment to focus on key (growing and profitable) businesses as it streamlines its offerings.

In Tier Two acquisition news:

Breaking: Odeo Acquired By SonicMountain
Details are just coming out, but New York based SonicMountain, a new startup, has acquired Evan Williams’ Odeo. The announcement will come sometime tomorrow. The price is not being disclosed but is in excess of $1 million, and the deal was all cash.

Odeo was publicly put on sale last February. The company was bought back from investors late last year.

Twitter is no longer part of Odeo, so this will not be included in the acquisition. Twitter and Odeo were both wholly owned subsidiaries of Obvious Corp.

Evan Williams will be working with SonicMountain as an advisor for six months or so.

In other news of the idiots, MCI math is replaced by MPAA math:

MPAA Math: 40% Plus 70% Equals?
Ah, the MPAA and its ability to simply make up numbers continues. Last week, we noted that the MPAA was claiming that New York City was where 40% of camcorded movies came from, following earlier claims that 50% came from Canada. However, now that NYC has passed a law with tougher crimes for camcording (note this last passed just last week), apparently, the MPAA can now shift its numerical focus to Canada. Michael Geist points out that along with Warner Brothers’ pointless decision to stop promo screenings in Canada, the studio is claiming that 70% of camcorded movies now come from Canada. 70%? Considering they were unwilling to back up earlier reports claiming 30%, 40% and 50% don’
t expect them to explain the 70% number either. However, we are wondering how the movie industry adds
up the 70% coming from Canada with the 40% coming from New York City (not to mention all the camcorded movies from elsewhere) and still come up with 100%. Is there a reason that reporters never bother to ask the MPAA and its studio members to actually back up any of this stuff?

Turning to regular ol’ political news, Florida Democrats figure out a way to prevent vote fraud altogether… by ignoring the votes:

For Democrats, Florida Primary May Not Count
be951 writes “Democratic party leaders are seriously considering making the Florida primary ‘nonbinding’, meaning they could ignore the actual vote by Florida democrats and allow party leaders to decide how Florida’s more than 200 delegates are divided up among the candidates. ‘I think it’s much higher than 50-50 that we will make Jan. 29 a nonbinding’ election, said Jon Ausman, a veteran Democratic organizer in Tallahassee and member of the Democratic National Committee. This is in response to Florida’s move to an earlier presidential preference primary, which scrambled the primary calendar carefully worked out by the two national parties.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


Surprise Arrest For Online Scientology Critic
destinyland writes “An online critic of Scientology was confronted at a routine hearing Tuesday with surprise arrest warrants and thrown into jail. Six years as a fugitive ended in February. (After picketing a Scientology complex in 2000 over the unexplained death of a woman there, he’d been arrested for ‘threatening a religion’ over a Usenet joke about ‘Tom Cruise Missiles.’) But 64-year-old Keith Henson had been out on bail, and was even scheduled to address the European Space Agency conference on Space Elevators. He’s a co-founder of the Space Colony movement, and one of the original researchers at Texas Instruments. In this interview he discusses both space-based solar energy and his war with the Scientologists — just a few days before he was arrested.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

And the breaking news of the day…

Report: Colorado HS Locked Down; Masked Men Inside
Masked men inside of a Boulder School…pray that this is merely some sort of terrible misunderstanding. None of the domestic mass murderers have worn masks which leads me to wonder if we are not seeing a terrorist attack unfolding. BOULDER, Colo. (AP) – A high school was locked down Thursday amid unconfirmed reports that two […]

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