Anyone who has been at all interested in my ongoing feud with Bert Powell of Powell Properties Tyler will be amused by this story…

Bert has been sending a steady stream of documents my way over the last three weeks or so since he picked a fight with my then-pregnant wife. First it was a hand delivered notice of termination of contract, which interestingly enough said that it would not become effective until a registered letter was certified and delivered to me. It never was. Then, about a week later, an eviction notice for failure to pay rent, despite the fact that when I moved in I paid first month, last month, and security deposit. That letter too was not supposed to actually be in effect until the certified mail was delivered, which it never was.

Then yesterday, I received a hand delivered notice that according to his records, I did not indeed pay last months rent (huge surprise there), and that the ‘eviction’ would proceed as planned (despite the fact that I’ve already notified him that I’m moving this weekend).

Here’s the funny part… this is the notice that he actually does decide to have delivered in duplicate by certified mail, even though it has no legal bearing as a document carrying the weight of law.

As I was signing for the document, before I saw who it was from, I asked the mail lady, “From Bert Powell?”

“Yeah, sure is,” she replied. “He’s a pain in my ass, too!”

Thought you might get a kick out of that.

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