I've caught the buzz on what they're doing with my boy Ron Paul.

Michelle Malkins, John Gibson, and GOPAC chairman Michael Steele went so far as to suggest that Ron Paul should not belong to the Republican party, stating that he was "done" with Paul and did not care what the results of the FOX poll were, after it was revealed that Paul was leading the pack.

I've had instant messages and emails from lots of listeners and readers of Rizzn.com talking about how Ron Paul is, and I quote here, "finished."  Of course, most of these people who say this would have never given Ron Paul a chance, instead preferring to go with evil that you know, rather than the potential real leader they're unfamiliar with.  Incidentally,. most of the people who have had negative things to say about Ron Paul, incidentally, haven't even watched a debate yet.  Instead, they pick up on the fact that he is somewhat of a longshot candidate and he says controversial things, and discount him out of hand.

This is the height of ignorance and stupidity.  America, I think, is finally fed up with choosing the lesser of two evils.  We have a huge field of candidates, and a few of them are of original cloth, instead of being cut from the same inside the beltway garbage we usually have to choose from.  We're not stuck with a Kerry/Bush decision here.  If you can't find the candidate you like out of the 20 declared mainstream candidates, and what is certain to be at least 30 or so declared third party candidates, you have no right to call yourself an informed voter.  If you think you're choice is limited to Obama, Clinton, McCain and Guiliani, then I respectfully ask that you remove yourself from the voting pool, as you haven't a clue as to how wide open the polls are now, and how the process works.

And for heaven's sake, if you vote in the primary and the general for one of the "Mainstream" candidates, I don't want to hear one political complaint out of you for the next four to eight years. Your vote for the lesser of two evils negates that right to complain.

Pick a candidate that will actually affect change, not a candidate who will block the change you don't want.

/mark "rizzn" hopkins
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