I’m actually here at the office to not do any work, but when I saw this article, I had to comment:

Short, fat people may get rights
Ellen Frankel stands just 4-foot-8 inches tall, a size that allowed larger co-workers to playfully scoop her up at the office and make remarks about her height. Some even patted her on the head.

Lawmakers are considering complaints such as hers as they review a bill that would make Massachusetts just the second state to bar discrimination based on height or weight.

”People in authority will very easily make comments about height that they wouldn’t make about race or gender,” said Frankel, a Marblehead author.

What is it these days? I’m seriously asking this. Right now, we’re looking at a resurgence of the political correctness movement that we haven’t seen since the early 90’s. 20/20 did a program called ‘Taboo’ this weekend, in which the first segment of the program talked about the Michael Richards and Don Imus things. It is suddenly being taken for granted that Don Imus actually did something wrong!

Listen, I’m not going to go run up on people and start insulting them, but then again, that’s not how I get the laughs. If Don Rickles calls you a dummy, are you going to be insulted? No! You’ll laugh because it’s an old man making funny insult jokes. So when Don Imus, a shock jock, calls some basketball players with tattoos ‘Nappy Headed Hos’, should those said ho’s be offended? No!

Short and fat people, man up and stop whining. I’m tall and skinny. You think I haven’t been ridiculed as such for my entire life? When I was in school, I was growing so fast that I had absolutely no physical coordination, and, as it turns out, am probably the only highschooler that was in excess of six feet tall that could not sink a basket. That made me downright popular in PE class.

Or, for a better example, one of my best friends, Matt Finkelstein, brought me home one day to come hang out and play some D&D or something else equally nerdy, and his father took one look at me and said, “You know, when the famine comes, it’s the skinny bastards like you who will die first.”

Where’s my equal rights protections?

Oh wait, I already have rights. Just like every other human being in America (unless you’re a ‘terrorist’ or a Mexican national living in America). You don’t hear me whining when people to this day make fun of how friggin’ skinny I am.

So shut up, you SHORT FAT people.


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