Okay, so I didn't really leave much last week, but we did run a somewhat 'crippled' version of the show, as I wasn't really on the ball in terms of keeping up with the news.  That not withstanding, James did an excellent job with the show last week, and I certainly appreciate his help.  No word on whether Art will be making a return next week as well, but the outlook looks a lot better, as every time I've been calling him lately, he seems rather cogent and not as medicated. 🙂

We need to really spread the word about the show this month.  We're ramping up operations behind the scenes, and attempting to launch a couple spin-off shows, and to do so, we really need to get our numbers up for the 'core-show', that is RizWords.

So tell a friend!  RizWords is where you go if you want to hear what the political and technical scoop is before anyone else.

/mark "rizzn" hopkins
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