I'm working on a great show today, folks.  And unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I still haven't found the CD that has all my baby pictures on it.  We got about 70% unpacked, which is some sort of record for someone like me.  My boxes tend to sit around the house for at least a month or so after a move.

In terms of the show, I hope to be able to talk a bit about Ron Paul today.  He was recently interviewed on CNN's Late Night, and had quite a reaming to give to Larry King, who quoted all kinds of discredited bits of news at him, to which he responded adeptly, but admittedly, a little curmudgeonly ( you can read the full transcript here).

Fox News has also done a nice opinion piece that puts the feud between Paul and Giuliani in great perspective ( read that here).

There was a bit of a huge argument between Hasselback and O'Donnell this morning on the View.  I don't have any links on that yet, but I will.  It was truly a joy to watch as Hasselback served O'Donnell.  Someone must be giving that girl some debate lessons.

In other news, there have been two traffic surges to the podcast that I can't explain.  Episode 46 has had over 400 downloads today so far, so someone important must have mentioned us. Additionally, episode 19, which isn't particularly impressive to me as an episode, has had over 50 downloads on its own today so far.  Not sure what the big deal is. I appreciate everyone's continued support, though – and TELL A FRIEND!

That's it for now.  Stay tuned for the podcast, which should air on schedule today at 2:30 PM EST on TalkShoe.com.  Click on the RizWords link on the TalkShoe front page.

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