I got this in the mail today:

Dear fellow patriots,

Please SIGN and then include the following news release in your
future email distributions and on other message boards if you can
see your way clear to doing so:

Ron Paul Supporters Take Action Against Major Media Bias

Dr. Ron Paul has done far better than anyone could have expected in
the early going for the Republican nomination for President of the
United States. After the first Republican debates sponsored by
MSNBC on May 3rd in San Diego, Dr. Paul was the clear winner in all
of the various poll questions conducted by MSNBC on their own
website. Then, on May 15th, he was a very close second (some claim
he finished 2nd and not 1st because of hijinx) in the debates in
South Carolina.

In the first instance, Dr. Paul was “rewarded” by MSNBC by dropping
from 9th to 12th (dead last) shortly thereafter in their rankings of
the Republicans most likely to win the nomination. There was also
not a single mention on their network that Dr. Paul had been the
consensus and clearcut winner in all of their own polling data.

In the post-debate show conducted by Fox News after their debate on
May 15th, the treatment of Dr. Paul was blatantly negative. One of
the invited guests on the show actually said that “Dr. Paul is
finished,” moments before the results of the Fox News call-in
polling flashed on the screen showing that Dr. Paul had won their
debate. Sean Hannity was also blatantly rude to Dr. Paul after the

These are merely examples. The mainstream media’s treatment of Dr.
Paul has been routinely negative and/or purposely inaccurate. The
campaign supporters have begun a petition demanding fair and equal
treatment in the MSM. You can view and sign the petition here:


This petition calls for Congressional hearings in the event that
this type of blatant distortion of Dr. Paul, his message, and his
campaign prospects continues within the MSM, on the grounds that it
is an aggregious attack on the entire democratic process.


God bless.

For the Republic,
Steve Martin

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