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by Anomolous Cowturd (190524) on Friday May 25, @07:09PM ( #19277405)

The best thing a president could possibly do for nerds or just about anyone else is stop making more laws and start dismantling the stupid laws perpetrated by previous governments.

I am not in the US, so I can't do much about your choice of president, but at least I can have my say here. The way I see it from here, your options can be divided unambiguously into two groups:

1: Scumbags that will sell you out, nay, have already sold you out, to whichever corporate and special interests will finance their campaign.

2: Ron Paul.

I am a cynic. I hardly expect people to vote in their own best interests. There's a reason the scumbags sell their souls for campaign money – it gets them elected. So I expect another scumbag leading your country in 2009. But please, please, for the sake of all that is good, pure and true in this world, anyone but Giuliani.

I swear, if you guys elect Giuliani, I am going to go out every weekend, find drunk Americans, and beat the crap out of them. Maybe even daily. You've been warned.

/mark "rizzn" hopkins
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