I’ve been quite a busy little beaver here for the last few days. Lots of interesting projects are starting to stack up, and a lot of the hard work that Art and I have been putting into the podcast is starting to come to fruition in a big big way. This post is going to ramble, I’ll warn you, but it’s all interesting stuff, so stick around for it.

For a couple of weeks, Art and I have been amazed at the jump in traffic we’ve recieved, with each episode getting around 400-700 visits, with some episodes in the multiples of thousands. It seems that this traffic has not gone un-noticed by many. Yesterday, I just found out that we’ve made it to the number three slot on most downloaded podcasts over at TalkShoe.com. Don’t believe me? Listen to this episode of TalkShoe Hosts Sharing Strategies, TalkShoe CEO Dave Nelson’s weekly podcast. For the top 25, fast forward to about 6:23.. for our listing, go to about 8:00.

What are the podcasts surrounding us in the Top 5? Well, if you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, check out the above listed podcast, but I’ll ennumerate them for you here for you lazy folks:

  1. Lost Community podcast
  2. gspn.tv community podcast
  3. RizWords
  4. Mac Tips Daily
  5. Keith and The Girl

So, aside from the bragging, what else is new?

Well, two new interesting opportunities have arisen, and my (invaluable) podcast experience is coming to bear on them. First one is 5Tribe, the organisation I have been working with over the years, off and on. Their primary function is to help newspaper organisations remain profitable in today’s continually flagging old media networks. They mostly do this through improving the site’s visibility and upgrading of the online classifieds section. Most newspaper sites today don’t even have online classifieds, and in terms of this, they are missing out on a large revenue stream, as newspapers are uniquely positioned to capitalize on their still valuable names and audience as well as the public’s willingness to give them money to put bits of text on their site, despite there are hundreds of places to do this on the web for next to nothing.

5Tribe has been expressing a willingness to move into the world of podcasting for quite a while now, but recently have expressed an urgency to move into this market quicker than they anticipated. We’re connecting up next week to learn the nature of how they want to get into this world, but with their wide reach in the old media market, any moves they make have the potential to truly reverberate around teh whole new media universe.

In other new projects, Steve over at N-Ventive introduced me to a fellow by the name of Paul Darby, and as a result of conversations I’ve had with the man this week, we could be putting on what may amount to the largest online live video broadcast to ever hit the net. The fellow runs one of the largest affiliate marketing groups out there on the net, and had the inclination to create a marketing-centric video content network. The best records I’ve been able to find out on the net tell me that the largest live video broadcast was attended by about 19,000 viewers. Conservative estimates of what he’s expecting to show up to the broadcast are at least half of that.

Over the next few days, I’ll be doing more news releases on this and hopefully getting more information out there to the big name bloggers that this is something that’s going to happen and make a big splash.

I’m looking at my watch right now and it’s coming up on 8:00 PM… and I need to be heading home (even though there’s lots more I wanna tell you about it). Before I go, I’ve got to share something with you that was sent to me this afternoon. I sent out a mass email to my contact list with the most recent pictures of Jacob Li that I posted here to the site. One of the guys who got this sent this back to me:

This is such strange timing, Mark. I just had a young man come to me and ask if he could date my daughter. The message here was, we are getting serious and it might turn into something like an engagement at some point. He’s a good kid, as is she and of course I said yes. I then set down and open your email and see you as a young Father with a new wife and little baby. To you I’m just an old man, but to me I feel like my daughter was just a baby like yours a few months ago. Time moves on quicker with each passing month. The good news is that things usually get better long term, even with the ups and downs along the way. Enjoy this time of your life.

Enjoy your family right were they are today. It will be but a memory before you can blink.

Very poignant words. With that, I’m headed home for the weekend.


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