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Hey. As I mentioned on the blog earlier this week, we’re the number three rated podcast on TalkShoe.com right now. Read more about it here. Our new found celebrity status is getting people to write us. Here’s one of those letters:

Howdy Mark!

Catching up on my listening this afternoon. Congrats on # 3, and the increase on your numbers. Thanks for the extra plugs and the links….they are very much appreciated.

By the way, make sure you make out that iTunes review check to William Grady (ha, ha).

I also enjoyed reading about your new projects. Looks like you have some good things in the hopper….best of luck to you with all of them.

I just posted my latest show about the ACLU yesterday. The guest was what you call a “newsmaker” who appeared on Bill O’Reilly and wrote into our show to be a guest. I guess if you do it long enough the people will begin to find you.

Well that’s all the news from Iowa. Thanks again and stay in touch!

Bill Grady

In telecom news, Amp’d Mobile decides not to pay it’s bills:

Amp’d Mobile Implodes: Burns $360 million, Declares Bankruptcy

ampdmobile.pngAmp’d Mobile, a popular Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware.

The company competed with VelvetPuffin, Loopt and Helio in an attempt to deliver a compelling mobile based social networking product to a worldwide marketplace of 2.6 billion cell phone users.

According to mocoNews, Amp’d Mobile owes $33 million to Verizon Wireless, $16 million to Motorola and $10 million to Vivendi. Smaller creditors include BestBuy at $8 million and MTV Networks: $1.8 million. Total debt is more than $100 million with assets less than that figure.

Amp’d Mobile had previously taken $360 million in funding over 5 rounds. Investors include RedPoint Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Columbia Capital.

Amp’d Mobile is now in the TechCrunch Deadpool.

In fusion news: Tshirts and telephony!:

T-Shirts Meet SMS: Reactee

reactee2.pngReactee has announced the launch of a line of interactive t-shirts that combine fashion, SMS and activism through “shirts that text back”.

Reactee allows users to create t-shirts that include a personalized message such “Stop Global Whaling” or “Andrew Keen is a Luddite” that is then complimented by a unique keyword such as SUSHI or MORON on the shirt. People who see the shirt can then respond to it by sending the keyword via SMS to 41411. In return senders receive a custom text message response created by the T-Shirt creator.

Example Reactee customers given include individuals such as DJs who want to share their playlists, political activists promoting a candidate, people who just want to get something off their chest, or entire organizations, which can make many shirts with the same keyword and use them to promote their unique cause.

Users can create text alert lists to communicate with those interested in their causes. Additionally, users can make their designs public and include them in the Reactee gallery of shirts that have received the most text messages.

Existing users include the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas and YouthNoise.

In our ongoing coverage of the mess in Venezuala, Old Media is New Again:

Banned Venezuelan TV Stations Keeps Broadcasting… On YouTube

Someone who prefers to remain anonymous submitted this long first person account of what’s happening in Venezuela with
the shut down of a popular TV station
by the government. The article explains the background, th
ough, from an opinionated position. The political drama isn’t all that interesting, to be honest (we’re a tech blog, remember…), but in the middle of the article, it notes that the employees of the “shut down” TV station have simply moved on to broadcasting via YouTube — and plenty of people are tuning in and showing their support. While broadcasting on YouTube may not be as powerful as being on the network, this does highlight how silly it is to think that a group or government or company can control the media these days. The tools are increasingly available to make sure that there are always alternate routes to get a message out.

In ‘more reasons McCain shouldn’t and won’t be president news’:

McCain Wants Ballmer For His Cabinet

While many people jumped all over presidential hopeful John McCain’s wrong-headed view on network neutrality, few noticed his infuriating love for Microsoft. “[T]he 70 year old presidential hopeful also said that he would ask Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to serve on his cabinet to deal with technology issues if elected. He did not however say what position Ballmer might be hired in, but did joke that he might consider him for a diplomatic position, such as ambassador to China.”

More Internet Tax news:

Internet Tax Imminent?
jhigh writes “Proposals to tax the Internet are gaining steam as state legislators see a giant pot of money just waiting to be dipped into. “At the moment, states and municipalities are frequently barred by federal law from collecting both access and sales taxes. But they’re hoping that their new lobbying effort, coordinated by groups including the National Governors Association, will pay off by permitting them to collect billions of dollars in new revenue by next year.””

Finally: Happy Birthday CNN – you’re 27!… and for you marketers out there, check out this link… you’ll be glad you did.

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