Hey, Rizznites!

You may notice short and unexplained outages here on the site. Basically, here’s what I’m working on:

Getting Paul Darby’s UBN up and running properly for next Monday.
Getting the final proposal for the new podcast network ready, so we can add new podcasts to a lineup to be featured here.
Re-Designing the site to showcase the expanding nature of the content here at Rizzn.com.

The site is going to change a little bit. The blog will still exist, and the links aren’t really going to change any. I am, though, going to be switching up how the page looks when the default domain “rizzn.com” is hit… it’ll contain the latest blog post, an autoplayer for the show, and links to all the content we’re working on. Consider it the 1.0 for the new content network we’ll be unveiling here soon.

I don’t have any screenshots to show you, but it’ll have a similar feel to snips.rizzn.com since everyone seems to be agreed that it’s a much more clean and pleasing look than the current rizzn.com layout.

Hopefully, after I get this part done, I’ll have the time to upgrade the rest of the Oblong Box network to fit in with our new content setup. We’ve really got some big things planned (I mean it this time), and there appears to be a gracious benefactor who believes as much as I do that there’s money to be made in the New Media space, and appears willing to put his money where his mouth is.

That’s all for now, I need to get back to work.

James and Art will be hosting the show tomorrow without me as I take time to focus on these new developments. I should be back Monday, hopefully.


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