A lot of my Rizznites out there are involved with my video initiatives, and have already embraced or are considering embracing video solutions for your old media content. For those of you who have not yet made the leap, here’s a story about the New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal and their decision to go with video to supplement their other online content:

The New York Times will make the embed code of its video clips available to the public by early fall. This means that many of the paper’s videos will be freely used and posted to blogs and Web pages.

This change will be implemented in Q3, according to Diane McNulty, a spokesperson for The New York Times.

Just yesterday, The Washington Post began to offer the code of its clips. Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal opened up it’s code.

These big newspapers understand that gaining market share means making their content usable on many platforms, even if there is some degree of risk. There is upside, of course. Through this system, the pre-roll ads that are seen on the site are shared as well and viewed from wherever they are placed.

I think it’s terrific that The New York Times is taking a page from YouTube game book of making embed codes available to everyone. After all, a good part of YouTube’s success has come from the utility of providing embed code.

Below are links to a clip of comprised of two observers of the success of YouTube: Forrester senior Brian Haven and MIT Professor Henry Jenkins who head the Institute’s Media Studies Program. They frame the success of YouTube and the power of sharable video.

The second clip is my interview with Jeremy Allaire, founder and CEO of Brightcove. I spoke with Jeremy in Boston earlier this year about Dow Jones and its plans to share the embed code.


If you’ve not yet made the leap to video, I strongly suggest you call me and see what I can do to help your business cash in on this trend. Give me a call at 903-705-9770.

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