Hey folks, Glenn Beck, and Dennis Leary…

You larger media folks may be used to this stuff, but this is my first death threat in years, so I’m a bit taken back by it – hence my posting.

A while back, I posted a video of Dennis Leary appearing on the Glenn Beck show that we ended up using on the RizWords show. As you can see from the comments page linked above, it sparked quite a debate from what I’m now learning is the ‘Twoofer’ movement (a play on the word ‘truther’), and those that are sane.

I know, however, that a few of my readers really do think that 9/11 was an inside job.

So I’ll post this graphic of a fellow from YouTube who calls you twoofers compadres.

Kinda wants to make you second guess your position on the whole 9/11 thing. These are the kind of nut-jobs the rest of the world sees you associate with.

To Focoist: your comments have been forwarded to the proper authorities, and Glenn Beck as well as Dennis Leary.

Want to be part of the Rizzn-ite army? Indoctrination instructions here.

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